Between 30 November 2019 and 8 March 2020, the exhibition 'Peter the Great. Collector, Scholar, Artist' will take place at the Moscow Kremlin Museums.

For the Media; Version for People with Disabilities; Official Twitter; Official YouTube Channel; State Insignia; Send a Letter; Vladimir Putin’s Personal Website Museums of the Moscow Kremlin: ARMOURY CHAMBER The Armoury Chamber, a treasure house, is a part of the Grand Kremlin Palace's complex. It is situated in the building constructed in 1851 by architect Konstantin Ton. Museums of the Moscow Kremlin: Treasures and Antiquities © 1997-2020 The Moscow Kremlin State Historical and Cultural Museum and Heritage Site

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The end of construction of the Patriarch’s Palace in 1655 meant that the ensemble of the Kremlin’s Cathedral Square, which had been under construction in the 15th-16th centuries, was finally completed. Moscow Kremlin Museums - Attention please! Because of the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19), the number of visitors in the museum objects is limited. Entrance to the museum territory and objects is provided at the time indicated on the ticket You have chosen.

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Moskevský Kreml – Wikipedie Moskevský Kreml je středověký kreml v centru Moskvy, sloužící mimo jiné jako oficiální sídlo prezidenta Ruské federace.. Kreml má velmi výrazné vnější zdi postavené z neomítaných červených pálených cihel.Jsou vysoké 5 až 19 metrů, dlouhé 2235 metrů, jejich tloušťka dosahuje 3,5 až 6,5 metru a jsou posílené dvaceti věžemi, nejvyšší – Trojická Museums of the Moscow Kremlin: PATRIARCH'S PALACE In 1703, Peter the Great abolished the Patriarchate. Since then, the Patriarch’s estate fell into desolation. On March 1718, Peter I visited the Patriarch’s Palace and ordered to organize a “library of multilingual handwritten and printed books” on the third floor. Новости ∙ Президент ∙ События ∙ Президент России