Only scumbags hide their call and message history, right? Wrong. While it may seem like a tactic for the unfaithful, it's still a good thing to do for certain contacts on your phone that you don't want to block outright. Blocking someone on your phone seems cruel, because you never know if someone might genuinely need your help one day—even if they do happen to be your crazy ex-lover. Can my parents see my Internet history on my phone, even If you’re using a Smartphone you can get free Apps that use private browsing, basically they are just like using incognito mode on Chrome but in an App form. Getting one of those will save you having to delete the history, although it can look suspicious having a dedicated App for private browsing. What Information You Can Find Out From Your Spouse's Cell All you'll need is the internet, and your spouse's cell phone bill. When looking at the long list of calls that your spouse makes and receives each month, check for repetitive calls to numbers you've never seen before, especially if they happen to match up with the times that your spouse's alibi doesn't really add up.

Is it possible to view Internet history via a phone bill

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The bill, officially called the Investigatory Powers Bill, forces electronic data to be stored by internet providers for 12 months, which can be subsequently collected by law enforcement.

Can sprint see the Internet history on a phone - Answers Being a former Sprint employee, all Sprint customer service reps can see is the fact that there was "X" amount of data used and not the specific web history. But the phone does keep a history of Correct Answer: Browsing history - Verizon Community True, through the Chrome browser you do get "synced" history (and searches, I've seen it pop up on my phone when I know I was on the computer when searching, and vice versa). You would still need to know the other user's Google account login, and if it's a new device (computer) that hasn't used that account login before, the other party will