Novena is a build-it-yourself laptop that can protect you from the NSA - that is, of course, if you're a hardware hacker. but this is the first open source laptop.

Novena: A leather-bound open-source hacker laptop that you Jan 10, 2014 Novena Open Source Hardware ARM Laptop Gets Crowdfunded Apr 04, 2014 Novena Open Source Laptop - YouTube Apr 01, 2018

The Novena is a Linux-powered laptop, which allows the user to modify each and every component, tailoring the machine to their specific needs. You can literally re-wire and re-program the individual components, thanks to the housing that has been designed to be opened up, allowing you access to the heart and soul of the machine.

Novena is an open-source laptop that allows you to modify each and every component. List of open-source computing hardware - Wikipedia Open-source computing hardware comprises computers and computer components with an open design.They are designed as open-source hardware using open-source principles.. Partially open-source hardware. Hardware that uses closed source components Computers Single-board computers. Tinkerforge RED Brick, executes user programs and controls other Bricks/Bricklets standalone

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Dec 31, 2015 · He has a love for open-source projects, and thought of the Novena as a hacker’s dream laptop. The trio raised $783,329 for the Novena project through hardware crowdfunding site Crowd Supply Apr 02, 2014 · Open-source laptop Novena is a 'labor of love' from the first Xbox hacker. Dean Takahashi @deantak April 2, 2014 10:14 AM. Novena 1100. Image Credit: Andrew "Bunnie" Huang. SAN JOSE, Calif The makers of the Novena laptop wanted to build a PC unlike anything on the market. While there are plenty of laptops that can run open source operating systems like Ubuntu or Fedora, the Novena