Transaction hash (txid) is an identifier used to uniquely identify a particular transaction. All on-chain transactions (the transactions from or to external addresses) have a unique txid that can be seen in transaction details. A transaction hash usually looks like a random set of letters and numbers.

Database transaction - Wikipedia A database transaction symbolizes a unit of work performed within a database management system (or similar system) against a database, and treated in a coherent and reliable way independent of other transactions. A transaction generally represents any change in a database. Transactions in a database environment have two main purposes: To provide reliable units of work that allow correct How to check PlayStation Store transactions, subscriptions Tap [Options] > [Transaction Management] > [Transaction History]. Enter the Sign-in ID of the account you want to view (you can also view your associated sub accounts), select the date range and tap [Next]. Select a transaction from the list to view its details. What is a Transaction ID? Feb 14, 2019

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NEFT is a large platform. Millions of transactions take place everyday. For each transaction an UTR number is created of 22 digits. It can be given to the receiver to track a payment. At a later date the transaction can be tracked by all concerned About Transaction IDs | TUNE Help Transaction ID Value Setting. The three options for Transaction ID Value cover how your network generates the transaction ID. IP Address / Date / Offer ID / User-Agent: TUNE uses the user’s IP address, along with the date and the offer ID. This is the default option and best practice, as it causes a separate transaction ID for clicks for two

IMPORTANT: The API Login ID and Transaction Key protect your payment gateway account from unauthorized use and should not be shared with anyone. Be sure to store these values securely on a server separate from your Web server and change the Transaction Key regularly to further strengthen the security of your account.

Transaction Details. To view details of a transaction, including the transaction history, click on the Transaction ID for any transaction returned by a transaction search or report. The table below contains information about your transaction in alphabetical order.