Is the PS4 version automatically uninstalled or do you have a choice to keep both (may be needed if the progress from the PS4 game is not compatible with the PS5 version)? Some possibilities:

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Nov 14, 2013

Does PS4 Have WiFi? - Clear Your Doubts Related to PS4 Network The short answer is ‘Yes, the PS4 console does have built-in WiFi.’ If you want to find out only this, then you got the answer and if you want to know more about the upgraded wireless capabilities of the PlayStation 4, then read on. Just like the every other PlayStation console, PS4 also comes with an integrated wireless antenna.

Nov 13, 2015

Using the browser | PlayStation®4 User's Guide If you open a new window and you already have 6 windows open, the leftmost window is closed. Open a link in a new window: Place the pointer over the link you want to open, and then press and hold the button for at least 1 second. Close a window: Press and hold the button for at least 1 second. Scroll: Use the right stick. Move the pointer: Use Do I need Internet to setup a PS4? - Quora If you are buying one brand new, be prepared for 9–17gb worth of is updates. Then, another 1–6gb of updates per game. However, if you boot it for the first time and skip the WiFi connection page, you can still use the console, but of you ever conn Do you have to have internet to play disc-based games on The PS4 can play disc-based games right out of the box, and doesn't need an Internet connection to play games. Same here. I just wish I could get more information about upcoming games such as ff15 and kingdom hearts 3. PlayStation 4 does not require an internet connection